Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hop to it ...

Easter's coming.

In a few days ... or something.

Unless you're Greek. Then you have time.

As a non-practicing Catholic, however, I was so busy not paying attention to the election selection of a new pope that I almost completely forgot about the grandest day of the whole Christian whoseamawhats's -- The biggest zombie rising of all -- Easter.

(I know ... I'm going to hell for that last paragraph.)

I was reminded of all the preparations I'd forgotten, when the kids came home from school yesterday with instructions to bring in a dozen filled Easter eggs tomorrow.

So, in my usual fashion, I decided to try and make a craftacular Easter project in three hours, using things I fished out of the trash: Felt scraps, stuffing from an old pillow and paint chips.


The idea was simple:

* Sew together two circles of felt (or furry fabric scraps) leaving about an inch on one side open.

* Turn the seams inward and stuff with old pillow fluff.

* Cut ear shaped spears from the fabric, pinch at the centers and stick into the front-most part of the opening.

* Sew it shut.

* Sew on eyes, a nose, whiskers and a cotton tail. (I used the tops of cotton swabs for the tail when I ran out of pompoms).

* Glue rabbit onto a paint chip because there's no way this is going to stand on its own.

You end up with something like this:


Then I got the bright idea to make a carrot bookmark:

* Sandwich together two rectangles of orange felt.

* Machine sew a carrot-shaped outline, complete with segments, leaving space at the top open.

* Insert a couple of loops of green felt.

* Topstitch the carrot closed.

* Cut out around the stitching with pinking sheers

* Cut a slit in a paint chip, insert carrot.

* Tape carrot down in the back.

And it looks like this:


Hardest part will be cleaning up  ...


since it looks as if the Easter Bunny vomited in my office.

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