Friday, June 17, 2005

Let me guess. ...

whaddoilooklike CARNACK?
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Yes, just a few hours away from being 18 months old. My does time fly when you're having fun. Tomorrow we are off to a wedding, so hopefully we shall have some pretty pictures of miss Bell in her special smocked dress for her next milestone portrait (which are still being posted at each month).

I know, I know. Where does she get the time for all this posting, she's so busy, busy, busy!
Lately her busy work has included putting the plastic coins in the right slots of the cash register at Lori's house; pounding plastic widgets through a hole with a plastic hammer; wiping up dog drool with her clean, fresh-from-the-laundry-basket clothes; and laughing at her parents' bad jokes.

One of the CUTEST things she did, however, we didn't even get to witness. As they were waiting for dear old mom to get out of work and whisk her away, the Risley girls had sat down with Annabel to watch the AMAZING tales of Ralph, the Motorcycle Mouse. It seems this little rodent is always getting himself into trouble and always in need of assistance to get him out of his predicaments. He falls in a hole, gets trapped in a box and chased by cats time and time again. In one scene he pleaded for help; and Annabel, being her sweet and helpful self, tried to enlist Tierney to step in and rescue him. "Help TEEte, Help!"

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