Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer reads

reading in the water
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Annabel was thrilled when we visited the South Berkshire Community Center Sunday with friends recently and the pool toys there included books. She kept bringing them to me and saying 'THAT!' as if to marvel at the innovation of a waterproof book. I'm sorry I don't have any photographs of her face. She's so busy, she doesn't EVER want to look up when she's in the pool.

The most exciting news, of course, is that Annabel is finally saying two-word phrases: the first utterance was "Waffles Daddy" and now she's saying "ALL DONE!" It's very cute, she's so thrilled with the two words she says them over and over, getting louder and louder each time. (Occasionally even taking a bite of food in between each prase). She's also having a ball lately playing in her kitchen, making pretend breakfasts of cylindricle foam eggs and even adding pinches of her pilfered herbs. She's getting much better and controlling things with her hands, gliding the right parts into their corresponding receptacles. She is amazing to watch.

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