Thursday, June 23, 2005

Such a big girl

Yesterday, Annabel had her 18-month well baby visit with her pediatrician. She weighed 19 pounds, 15 ounces (exactly one pound more than her 15-month check up) and she measured 31 1/4 inces tall (1 1/4 inches taller).
She trying to fit into some BIG shoes, I think.
The visit was actually good timing, since she started spiking a fever the afternoon before. Her temperature is still going up and down, and her throat was red, but her strep test was negative. She had hives today, but they were gone by the time Jed got to the doctors' office with her to have it examined. She's on the mend.
Of course, the illness itself was BAD timing: Jed's mom is here and was really looking forward to looking after her. Thankfully, she was still mostly happy and herself.

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