Saturday, February 24, 2007

Looking a gift horse in the mouth ...

I rarely complain about Blogger because it's free.

Who am I to rant an rave about outtages and other burps that seem to be temporary technical indigestion.

But, as you can see, I've tried to customize my templates and am having trouble getting my masthead back into place.

I'd already gone to Blogger in beta and hadn't really experienced much trouble, but I really wanted to get rid of those infernal DOTS. So sick of those dots.

Of course, when I updated the new Blogger template I immediately lost all the straight html changes I'd made. I was able to cobble together the sidebar after a few bleary hours late last night, but I don't know how to switch the plain-jane header for my old masthead and I'm afraid my use of Safari as a browser isn't helping. I use to be able to just paste the html code for the photo from flickr onto the top of the template and that was that: easy peasy. When I tried to do that now all I get is angry error messages.

So. If anyone has any advice, I'd be eternally grateful. I'll even send you cookies. The kind with chocolate chips in them.


BlogWhore said...

i can try to help you, i think. are you just having trouble adding your header???

otherwise there is this really cool site called 'blogger for dummies.' i don't have the url on my home pc, but goggle it.

kimmyk said...

Did you have your header saved through flickr?

viewing your page source your body, layout and header all got jumbled up it seems.

paste the http from your header under where you have your /**page structure yada yada and break before your body. That's where it seems it should go.

I think that should do the trick.

Gail said...

I think it may have something to do with this current template being a flexible-width page style. Try changing it to fixed-width, and see what happens. Also, check to see that the header image size (height and width at resolution 72) match the dimensions that your template specifies.

toyfoto said...

OH MY, KimmyK, you MUST send me your address. I OWE YOU COOKIES.

kimmyk said...

No problem. Glad it worked.

I'm afraid to change my template with the new blogger. I should save a copy just incase somethin' like this happens. Thanks for the reminder.

wordgirl said...

I'm trying to think of someone who has a Blogger account with all the bells and whistles on it. Surely, they'd know. I may have to go check my blogroll and come back.

toyfoto said...

I got as much as I'm interested in doing done, wordgirl. I treat blogging likk I treated bowling: Once I got to a score of 29, I was done trying to improve my game.

Thanks, everyone, for the help. It is truly appreciated.