Monday, February 05, 2007

Prescription: A dose of silly

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of silly to get through the day.

A little bit of silly will erase some of the eyerolls and the heavy sighs that accumulate during the winter confinement.

A dose of silly (and a pre-warmed car, stretchy mittens and a fleecy hat) will protect you from the -8 degree day when your spineless mom lets you leave the house wearing only those things, your too-small winter coat, shoes and tights. (Yes, I let her leave without her pants on).

A little more silly can make bathtime not so so much of a chore, bedtime not as excruciating and wake up time the best time in the world. Every day is something different: You never know how many penguins will be taking turns sliding down the neighbor's roof; or how many puppets the purple puppet eater will want to eat for breakfast or when Ernie and Bert will surprise you with a snowball fight as you head out to start the day.

Silly keeps it interesting.


Her Bad Mother said...

Hear, hear!

(And! That picture is fantabulous! How'd you do it?)

toyfoto said...

water color and Photoshop, and a LOT of inspiration from flickr's notcatherinezeta.