Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes ... and their mothers ...

Don't you just love how cute they are?

Like just the other day, we're driving in the car, pretending to see all manner of forest flora and fauna, when, during a calm in the game, she comes out with this little gem:

"... and I just had to say shiT."

Oh yeah, she's been listening quietly all this time. Saying nothing but taking it all in.

Last week, when I dropped the glass and it shattered into a billion pieces on the kitchen floor?

What did I say?

You bet I did.

Last month, when I noticed someone other than me did the laundry and dried my wool sweater in the clothes dryer?

What did I say?

You guessed it.

And countless times before that?

So why did I think that she wasn't listening?

"I say shiT sometimes, too, mommy. shiT. You say shiT sometimes instead of 'Oh Bother.'"

I was practically crying I was laughing so hard.

There are no bad words (only words that will make your babysitter and your teachers swallow their tongues or send you to the principal's office). There are no bad words. There are no bad words. Okay. Stop laughing. Stop laughing. She hears that, too. It bolsters her resolve. There are no BAD words ...

"Ok. I don't want you to say that word. You say 'Oh bother.'"

"But sometimes you need to say Oh ShiT."

"I know that sometimes it slips out, but it's not a word that makes people happy. Some people may be offended by that word. A better word is Bother. Or Pooh. Or Drat. Why don't you say Oh, Pooh bother? I like the sound of that: Oh, Pooh bother!"

"But I like shiT."

"I know, but it's not a word you should use until you're older."

"When am I going to be older?"

"Too soon for us, not soon enough for you."



stefanierj said...

You're not the only one laughing that hard. Hysterical. I am hysterical.

And why is it the only time my kid mimics me perfectly is when I drop the "G-D" spoon or drop an f-bomb??


Andrea said...


Her comedic timing (however unintentional) is perfect.

And this was well written! Decidedly not shiT.

Anonymous said...

That had me rolling. I guess you can't make that one into a column for the newspaper.
-- Martha

Gail said...

Man, I'd GIVE you my video-enabled digicam just to get that conversation live.

ECR said...

That is hilarious. I would not have been able to hold back the laughter, either. That's definitely one for the bloggy baby book.

supa said...

"But sometimes you NEED to say "oh, shiT."

So wise for one so young.

toyfoto said...

You're telling me!

Last night she was at my mother's house and my mom spilled something on the table and slapped at it furiously but didn't say anything.

Annabel leaned in an told me that "she should have said the bad word that I'm not gonna say."