Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh, the suspense

So my writer-friend Martha (she's the purdy lady on the right) visited us yesterday for our second annual Apple Picking excursion at Love Apple Farm.

I've been compulsively checking her blog since she asked me for a few "web" sized photos of our day ...

There's no telling how much fun she will have with me and this clownshow I call a family.

Will she write about how Ittybit self imposed a time out so she wouldn't have to share her toys?

Will she write about how I LOST the keys to the car while we were at lunch (and still haven't found them)?

Will she discuss how the girls would rather go catepiller hunting than apple picking? Or that they had to TASTE every apple on every tree instead of putting ANY in the bag? Or how my Silas was determined to let her Sam suck on his hand?

She'll probably tell her readers all about how I dress in long sleeves and long pants whether it's 50 degrees or 80 degrees and my kid wears a tutu and cleats.

About how no matter what they're wearing, lately out kids wind up naked at some point during the playdate.

Or how about the pork loin we made for dinner that she helped nuke in the microwave when it turned out from the grill still a little pink?

She may even talk about the baby wearing freak I've become. Taking pride in taking out the trash, getting the laundry and balancing something on my head all while wearing the Champ. How I've tried to make her a convert, too.

Whatever it is she writes about, though, I guarantee it will be true and 100 percent more hilarious.

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Lauren said...

Those photos are priceless. Sounds like you six had a great apple-trying, caterpillar catching, falling off slides and swings day.