Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toothsome and then some

brushing teeth in birthday hat, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

All those sugary treats are haunting me. The fruit juices are laughing at me and the fluoride drops sitting on the counter, abandoned, are calling me "Drip."

Today we took ittybit to her first dentist appointment. She wasn't feeling up to it so I convinced the hygenist to bump my appointment up three days and clean my teeth so she could see the drill in action.

I had such a difficult time keeping a straight face as the masked hygenist chipped away at the tarter and plaque, polished my pearly whites with something suspiciously strawberry in flavor and sucked up saliva with the "slurping straw." For each time a new impliment was introduced, Ittybits eyes and nose came squarely into view, even blocking out the overhead light.

The dentist pronounced me a perfect patient and the spotlight turned to the girl. She bristled, bunched up in my arms and tried to hide. She eventually agreed to lay on top of me while the dentist counted her teeth (20) and looked around.

Not good.

She has one cavity smack dab in the center of her front teeth and it looks like she's going to need orthodontic correction eventually.

Because she wasn't terribly cooperative he's referred us to a pediatric dentist for treatment.

Of course the worst happened in the car when Annabel said my teeth were pretty, but hers were not. She had a cavity.

"My teeth are never, ever going to be pretty now."

**heavy sigh.


Redneck Mommy said...

Both of my kids are Bucky Beaver Tooths, and will don braces shortly.

Will Annabel understand that the cavity is just in her baby tooth and won't wreck her smile permanently??

Good luck with her.

Kelly said...

First dentist appointment suck, plain and simple. It's hard to convince kids that the big bright light and all those shiny silver implements are meant to help them, not torture them.

And I've seen Annabel's smile here, captured in your lovely photos. And it's a beautiful smile.