Monday, July 28, 2008

"So ... I guess my weekend was better than yours ..."

Which is what people keep telling me.

But really? I'm at peace with my weekend come this Monday afternoon. I am.

It is true, my daughter IS on the antibiotics again; this time for suspected lyme disease. Some of you may recall way back about three years ago a ring rash showed up around her right ear. The doc treated her for Lyme disease then, much the same way she's treating her again now: discover bullseye rash (two locations this time) treat with three-week course of antibiotics. Go team.

Also. ... I found myself buying Annabel a $40 toy at the toy store on Saturday morning, because I have the working mommy's affliction, known in Latin as "boneless-mommycanis?" She and her friend proceed to spend the rest of the afternoon making trucks and buses out of reclaimed cardboard and construction paper just to prove the scientific fact: Kids Always Play With The Box.

On Sunday there were several trying moments:

First, when the girl decided she did NOT want to go to yoga, that she NEVER wants to go to yoga again and that I should just leave her with daddy so she could have fun and clean the carpet. So I went with the boy, and we got caught in the rain.

More literally, we found ourselves chasing a storm that blew through the Berkshires on our way home, the same storm that evidently put a New Jersey music afficiando in the hospital after a direct lightning strike.

While Silas slept peacefully strapped into his carseat, my heart raced around inside my chest as each mile brought us newly downed trees covering the roadways. Eventually the road became impassable and we had to turn back and find another way home. All I could think was "a few minutes earlier and this would have been ... oh, nevermind. ... I'd rather not think about what might have been.

Although, perhaps, the best part of the weekend came 'round about 5 p.m. as we were all sitting around the couch, watching something probably inappropriate for preschoolers on TV: Jed doing whatever it is he does with his iPhone, me downloading pictures from the weekend to post on flickr, Silas running around eating things of the floor and Annabel using "the big scissors" to cut little pieces of paper into even littler pieces of paper for some "project."

You know: basically ignoring each other while multi-tasking.

Anyway, I look over at Annabel and discover that she has cut off fistfuls of her own hair and is piling it amid the scraps of paper.

Now, mind you, I don't hardly comb my own hair so getting all in a conundrum over the condition of hers isn't really on my radar. However, I was surprised when I looked up to see clumps of hair fall from her hands. She doesn't want ANYONE to cut her hair. Ever. So I presume that I might have frightened her with my tone when I suddenly burst out with the obvious: "YOU ARE CUTTING YOUR HAIR!!!!"

She immediately commensed crying.

Ididn'tmeantoIjustwanteditshortlike ....Ididn'tmeantoIdidn'tmeanto Ididn'tmeanto Ididn'tmeanto

Ah. Childhood. When I really looked at the damage I kinda hadta admit she did a better job than I ever have. Of course, the best part of this little experience was watching Jed unearth his sewing kit from the basement and help Annabel make a pillow for her dolls for the express purpose of saving the hair inside.

We'll probably try and get it evened out tonight. Jed's a little worried kids will make fun of her mullet.

But truly the best little moment of the last two days I was somehow lucky enough to save for posterity:

dance class ... blue-er

We are ALL officially in love with dance class.

And really? Silas? He is so damn cute lately it's frustrating. Late last night (when he should have been SLEEPING) he was playing hide and seek in THE ZOO. He started giggling like a mad man when I asked "WHERE DID SILAS GO? CALL THE GUARD!!!"


apathy lounge said...

When I was four I used blunt scissors to cut a hunk of my sister's hair. We both had long ponytails and we were playing "beauty salon". I was really intending to merely wave the instruments over her head, with the occasional snip-snip for sound effects. I got carried away. I don't think I ever cut my own hair, though. That takes some guts.

Petra said...

Ah, the joys of the epitomal "mommy" weekend. Sometimes it is just a day, sometimes a couple and sometimes an entire block of time such as a week, weekend or even month. When one thing just rolls into another and you feel like you are about ready to run away and join the circus! It is almost as if our children feel the momentum of the situation and each purposely contribute to the chaos as much as possible.

I hope your daughter's hair can be salvaged, and if not, it is a wonderfully humorous story to tell!

Whirlwind said...

My middle daughter is almost 1 week into antibiotics for Lyme disease. She didn't have the bullseye, but all the other symptoms and I had pulled a tick off of her.

And I could have written the hair cutting story myself. Oh wait, I did. ( Moe's done it twice. I can't wait to I pick her up from preschool (or get the phone call) telling me she cut her hair.

Hope this is a better week.

Oh and that picture - absolutely freaking adorable!

Lauren said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww... Annabel!! Sooo cute you are, even with less hair sweet girl.