Monday, July 21, 2008

We all have our toys

Some are just more creative than others. ...

For instance Annabel, with the help of her father, has made this

queen of her castle

... out of carboard, construction paper, PVC pipe, a smattering of glitter and a slathering of paint. I helped make the beds her "princesses" sleep in out of clothespins and cardboard.

this will be yummy

Of course our son is happy playing with pretty much everything ... even his own feet.

guess who got an iphone

Jed's got his iPhone ...

and I ...

I have ...


Toxic waste.


Christina said...

Holy cow, that castle is awesome - *I* want one!

And toxic waste...cracking up here!

Anonymous said...

Dear stranger,
among all the toys, my pick will be baby's foot...I just LOVE them..
That castle is a work of art...seriously!
and for you..I guess you really LOVE Playmobil stuff:):)

Anonymous said...

That castle is fantastic, I don't dare show Jaylene ;) And the baby foot is adorable, I want to smoosh it too.

Firestarter5 said...

The iPhone eventually becomes toxic waste. Besides, you have a nifty rake!