Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only dirty on the outside

who gave him that? Oh yeah, I did, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Remember a while back I wrote about having a spasm in which I thought cloth diapering would be a good thing?

I went crazy buying mom-made dipes off etsy. Beautiful things, really. Some with pirates. Some with horses. Others were colorful repurposed or organic or soft hemp beauties. ...

Well. ... I'm not going back on my enthusiasm for using cloth, but I am wondering if maybe Silas has decided these new nappies are just too charming to actually *ahem* use.

So far each time he's been in one it's usually dirtied on the outside. Dust. Dog hair. Popsicle. ...

It's only when I "change" him that he let's loose ... on the floor, of course.

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