Saturday, December 20, 2008


cupcake, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

You can say it. I won't be offended.

You would have married him, too.


mamatulip said...




kblanz said...

He is totally cool!

Are you two like two really, really cool people married to each other?? OR WHAT?? Sheesh! Not fair!

Anonymous said...

How was the party? Did the weather hamper any arrivals? I have been hearing about the terrible conditions and many without power. Hope it did not interfere with Annabel's big #5 party.

Later, Kcoz

toyfoto said...

The party was great, Kcos. Both she and her brother (sans skates) had a lot of fun. The weather slowed a few folks down and kept some others from attending, but we'd gotten our power back (as of the previous wednesday) and we were ready to roll.

Binky said...

Dammit. All the good ones are taken.