Thursday, December 04, 2008

Random question Thursday ...

07 psv ornaments in 08

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

We live in a town where Santa actually visits each and every child in their own home.

A Christmas elf from the community arranges it with parents beforehand, gets all the fact-finding information the big guy needs for his visit and tells you 'round about what time to expect his horse-powered "sled" to pull up in your driveway.

And being Santa and all, he won't let you wait around like the cable guy sometimes does. He is jolly-well punctual.

Not to mention, when he arrives he brings a healthy snack, a juice box and an age-appropriate toy for each child he visits.

It's an amazing little slice of mid-century Americana, born from war-era frugality, that has somehow continued into the modern era. The town elders (in our case the fire department) collect monetary donations year-round and canvas residents to see who'd like Santa to drop by for a visit. It doesn't matter if you're wealthy or poor, this particular Santa's an equal opportunity elf.

So now it's your turn ... spill it. I'm looking to absorb some new holiday traditions.


jasi said...

-visiting NYC, FAO, the tree
-driving around looking at holiday lights
-wrapping gifts, listening to christmas music, cinnamon candles

Heather said...

Santa comes to your house - that ROCKS!!

Every year since my son's birth, on Christmas Eve we give him his Christmas PJ's to sleep in (pre-washed!) and a silver picture frame engraved ornament for the tree. It's so much fun to hang his new Christmas picture on the tree and look back over the years and how much he has changed. I think how by the time he's grown our tree will be covered in his pictures. It's my most favorite time spent with just his Daddy, him and me.

toyfoto said...

That's really sweet. And you remind me I've done something like that, too. Only not as organized and not NEARLY as charming. I've just taken snapshots - I used to use an i-zone Polaroid if you can imagine - of people who were celebrating with us and glue them to cardboard strips, put some glitter around it, and hang them on the tree with a ribbon.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Champ will react to ol' Santa this year?
He made it through Halloween easy enough, just another person in a costume giving him gifts is how I think he will react...especially when his big sis' says it is "ok" to get close to this strange looking guy... I'm sure he trust her worldly advice on such traditions.

Sorry about changing the subject...
Later, Kcoz

gkgirl said...

what a great tradition...