Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What are you going to be for halloween?

drama queen

This is in no way proof that she will, in fact, BE a "beautiful fairy-princess-queen of Odenblogs" for halloween. But thanks to Goodwill prices, it won't matter if it just winds up in the play dress pile.

I also picked up a baby gorilla outfit. It was a bargain, and I can live in hope that he will accompany me this year as Second Banana.

It would be easier, though, especially this year after the GREAT MOVE OF OUGHT NINE, if we could all masquerade as the #1 child's toy of all time: A cardboard box.

Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo & don't you just love Good will!

jasi said...

Very nice ideas. I love the gorilla.

Once again, new Old Navy animal for first girl. Older Old Navy animal for next boy. He is 1, so perhaps next year he can select his own. Post holiday we raid their racks for dress up anyway...

Girl (3) - ON Butterfly
Hubz - butterfly net and cage
Boy (1) - ON Mouse
Me - Halloween T & Jeans, Cat Mask

We take turns with the group trick or treating while other half hosts sandwiches, treats open house treat greeting. fun fun fun

Kcoz said...

I loved playing with carboard box's when I was a kid...they are best as forts, but can make a pretty good sled on a hardwood floor.


mamatulip said...

That is a terrific photograph.

Firestarter5 said...

The future Queen of the world is practicing.