Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Something tells me this won't be the first time I see this look

off to school

Dear Ittybit,

How many ways can a parent fail their child on the first day of school?

Why don't we count ...

1. Bus for kindergartners makes a special trip on the first day. ... One hour AFTER the usual time. Stepping on the early bus only to have to climb right back down will cause tears.

2. That bus tag that has your name, address, phone number and route number? The one every other kid has pinned to their clothes? Should have been pinned to your dress not lost in the mess we call our house.

3. You will need to pack a healthy snack each and every day ... BUT NOT ON THE FIRST DAY. Everyone eats graham crackers and milk on the first day.

4. Uhm ... lunch money?

5. Where is that piece of paper from the dentist's office confirming that you are a patient? (Probably hanging out with the bus tag in the mess we call a house).

6. Oh look, there's all these cute pictures of your classmates on the bulletin board. ... We needed to provide a photograph from home? Where did they ask for that? Oh, right there ... where it says put extra clothes in shoe box to store in cubby. At least I remembered the shoe box. Perhaps tomorrow I will remember the clothes.

7. Forms ... morfs ... smorfs? What form was that? Oh, right ... the health one.

8. Homework folder? Whoops. Wrong one.

9. Oh. ... the scissors were communal? Shouldn't have put your name on them, huh? Oh riiiiight. ... says so right there with the photo and extra clothes shoe box.

10. Tearing up in class to the point of vision problems after reading (in class) the little note from your teachers, tucked inside a sandwich baggie containing a little pink cotton ball:

"To Our Dearest Kindergarten Parents,

We just wanted to give you a little gift as you leave your "little growing edge of the world" with us for the first time tomorrow so you will not go away empty handed.

As you hold this cotton ball in your hand tomorrow, the softness will help you recall the gentle spirit of your child. After you have wiped your tears, make your self a warm cup of tea. Put your feet up and relax. Remember that together we will work along side your child this year to help him/her grow to his/her fullest capabilities.

Thank you for entrusting your child with us for the upcoming school year. We promise to do our best every day to be your child's companions in learning and exploring this bright new world he/she has just stepped into ... the wonderful world of "I can!"


Kate and Nicole

Please know, Ittybit, I don't usually cry at sappy form letters. (Evidently I don't read them either.)




Fairly Odd Mother said...

What a sweet note to send home to parents! I'd cry too!

Hey, by the time your second is ready for K, you'll be an old pro and will laugh at all the clueless first-timers. ; )

Mrs. Chicken said...

Letting go that first day is hard. I missed The Poo something fierce. She? Hardly looked back at all.

Congrats to you both.

christine said...

The mess we call *our* house contains the homework assignment the fifth grader was supposed to bring in on the first day of school... unless I threw it out. This morning, there was no milk in the house for that all-important first-day breakfast. I packed halloween oreos as a healthy snack. So, yeah. I'm down with failure.

But the kids survive, and thrive, and I've found that I cry a little less every year ...


Kcoz said...

WOW...school already.


Kcoz said...

That pack looks heavy!

toyfoto said...

Yeah, the first day it was kind of heavy. She had all the supplies as well as a two-ton lunch. Most days she'll just have her lunch and a single folder.