Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dentistry done and all's A-OK, except ...

chloe aubrey

The blonde trollop and brunette smarty hot-pants *I picked out* will be returning to the store ...

Where *SHE* will likely choose the exact same dolls.


Um ... I wonder how Those ^^^^ words up there are going to taste when I eat them. ...

She stopped feeling woozy around three o'clock and so we went to exchange the dolls.

She was adamant that BRATZ was the brand for her.

We stood in the tarted up plastics fashion doll department for about a hour taking down, lining up and inspecting the six different choices of Bratz.

She hemmed, hawed. She chose. She reconsidered. Couldn't decide.

And then she headed for the Barbie aisle "just to see." There were about 55 choices.

She found "Pinky" right off.

the replacement

And then, she saw "Cooking Show Barbie."

and action

Fifty years of a plastic fashion icons and her tiny lifetime of Food Network viewing can't be wrong.


Kcoz said...

WOW...looks like lots of little pieces for Silas to loose around the house and be stepped on in the middle of the night, they may even end up in the toilet bowl....LOL

But seriously...I'm glad that everything went well at the Dentist's Office for little Ittybit.


toyfoto said...

Thanks, Kcoz.

The knife is already MIA. Although I think I may have lost it in all the packaging getting the stuff out.