Thursday, October 29, 2009

(The return of) Random Question Thursday


I know, I know ... Who cares?

Please, don't answer that. That is NOT the question.

The question is:

What will you NOT be doing this Halloween?

We are NOT buying Nestle candy, that's one thing.

One of us may NOT be dressing up. Again.

We are NOT having a costume yoga class.

We are NOT going to be staying indoors. (Hopefully the cat will be, though.)

and ... finally ...

We are going to NOT one but TWO parties.


Cara said...

I will NOT be sewing for the first time in weeks. Instead I'll be following the girls around grumbling about how the shoulders of their costumes keep falling down.

And with any luck, I will NOT be carrying a small child while her sister insists on 'just one more house Mama, PLEASE!'

toyfoto said...

Oh, I hope we're NOT doing that last thing, either. Luckily one of the two parties is an AFTER party. The quicker we get done trick-or-treater the faster we'll get to the party.