Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just like riding a bike

standing ride 167/365

Truth be told, I've been feeling guilty as a parent.

She's half-past six and she's never really ridden a trike, let alone a two (plus two) wheeler.

When she'd learned her cousin, a full year younger, had just graduated from training wheels she was distraught.

It was our laziness that was to blame.

Not only hadn't we pushed her in the direction of kidley arts, we hadn't introduced her to many either. Oh we had the stuff ... much of it handed down from people whose kids were well beyond the tyke bike years ... but we hadn't made time for testing them out.

Lord knows, last thing I wanted to do on a weekend was figure out how to restore an old bike.

As I watched other kids in the neighborhood master their bikes, I worried my lack of motivation would hold keep her from every being motivated. Still, I shrugged my shoulders and pushed it all out of my mind.

It wasn't until she helped her dad pick out a bike for her BABY BROTHER that the desire to ride really ignighted.

And ... off she went.

As it turns out, when kids are ready there's no stopping them.

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Kcoz said...

I didn’t get my first two-wheeler until I was about seven years old…never did the training wheel thingy. My father became impatient with me that first evening but the following day my mother taught me how to ride…she did the ol, pretend she was holding me trick as she ran along side of me, than showed me both her hands.

I still love biking though I haven’t done it for a few years, at one time I use to ride 15-20 miles every day and could ace a 30 mile ride without much of a sweat. My longest ride was 90 miles one day with a fellow biker, and we didn’t realize it until we were almost finished, to busy sightseeing and bull-sh*tting. Even knocked myself out once when I missed a turn and hit a tree during a race, I didn’t know the trail as well as he did and could not figure out why he was slowing down…BAM…fun stuff!

I have been on several biking trips including riding a portion of the Katy Trail in Missouri, and one of the longest tunnels in Illinois near Carbondale. I have probably rode 40% of the trails here in Illinois… biking is cool !

Little Mrs Ittybit will truly enjoy her new ride once she looses the training wheels and gets her wings…and with her tenacity I would expect it to be soon.