Thursday, June 10, 2010

(Not so random) Random Request Thursday

As some of you may know, The Record newspaper in Troy, NY (where I work) is embarking on an interesting exercise to create a paper - both in print and online - that is meaningful to the community but that uses little or no proprietary software.

The initiative, which our parent company has dubbed "The Ben Franklin Project," is set to run company-wide on July 4 - Independence Day.

My component of the effort (beside my usual column) is something I've dubbed "The Wedding Project." *I know ... committing to a union of two humans is technically anti-independence, but I think the power of togtherness is really the key factor here ...


Simply put, what I hope to do is gather a collection of your photos and stories for publication.

* A single photograph - jpeg format, 200 dpi (although I will scan and return photographs if you send SASEs).

* A paragraph describing a memorable moment from your wedding (it doesn't have to be the one pictured).

Send your submissions to


Does the moment have to be from the wedding itself?

No, it can be a moment that took place any time from the proposal, planning, or honeymoon. The cake smash? The bouquet toss? What you
thought when you saw your soon-to-be-spouse at the end of the aisle. It can be romantic, poignant, funny or funny a decade later. It's totally your call.

What will happen to the information?

*Text will be edited (lightly) and embedded in photographs for use in an online slideshow
*Selected submissions will (hopefully) appear in print on July 4th

What is the deadline?
June 25 (I am hoping I will need a lot of time to format your submissions for the Independence Day publication).

Where do I send my stuff?

Thank You . Thank You . Thank You . Thank You.

In advance.

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