Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You're doing it all wrong

Family Nail Salon Sunday 145/365

Of course there's no Right Way to do anything because whatever you do will be wrong anyway.

I know this thing called life is all about perception, but dang it if it doesn't feel like no matter what we do it's destined to be all wrong.

Share, don't share; work, don't work; little things matter, don't sweat the small stuff. ...

It goes on and on and even if you weren't there to hear the bratty, insufferable thing your kids did or said all you have to do is wait ... someone is more than happy to tell you about it.

You take a deep breath, and you try harder to succeed or you try to stop worrying about failures.

You are what you are. You do what you do. Priorities have to have priorities.

All you can do is fail to the best of your ability.

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