Monday, August 30, 2010

Changing my ways

She's a good kitty.

There are two things, that, in the past, I have not been a fan: cats and camera phones.

Ariel and iPhone are going to make liars out of me.

So ...

Show me your pets and your peeves.

... if you want.


Anonymous said...

I love the camera on my iPhone. Are they the best pictures ever? Maybe not, but you know what they say: the best camera is the one you have with you.

And we are capturing so much more of our kids.

The best thing is that both my 3yo and 6yo grab the phone and take photos and videos and use the voice memo function to record themselves singing or telling a story. It's always interesting to see what they capture.

Cats, never!

Kcoz said...

Cats are cool…very low maintenance. A girlfriend of mine from the past once gave me a kitten…Trying to impress her as a compassionate man I accepted the varmint. As irresponsible as I am I immediately gave it to my baby sister…they were inseparable, thus giving me an acceptance of him.

His name was Elmer and he was so cool…just lay on the couch and when one would call his name he would just look at you like….”What???…go get me some catnip!”
But when baby sister would enter the room he would get up and stretch, than mosey on over to her…no bribes necessary for that kind of love.