Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An evening with (and under) the stars

Hollywood isn't that far away ...

hot cocoa - at the drive-in

But this is its final weekend of the season ...

despicable me at the drive-in


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Kcoz said...

Ahhh…the outdoor theater, I could go on and on…the excitement of the preparation to go, our station wagon packed with pillows and blankets, mother popping up a big Tupperware container full of buttered popcorn and a bottle of RC cola designated to each of us (no wonder the outdoors went broke), and dressed in out PJ’s before we left the house, and one of the few times all the windows of the family vehicle were perfectly cleaned before the nights venture,
Once there the excitement for the sun to set as we gathered close to the window supported audio speaker designated to each stall…one Dad had to test for good audio before deciding on a location for the nights viewing of the humongous, magnificent white screen.
The programming for the night was catered to the family, the kiddy show first and the adults show after…rarely did I, or my siblings stay awake past shows like ‘Flipper”. But I do remember seeing bits and pieces of “Who’s afraid of Virginia wolf”…A Richard Burton and Liz Taylor classic.

As a teen they were just as important as I learned about the date night shows, usually “B” movies with no plot, (like The Blob or Eastwoods spaghetti westerns) but that was not why we came…and the memories of, not for the Ittybit blog.
I will confess that I was actually involved with the “hiding peoples in the trunk to save money” caper. (no wonder they went broke)…but once we got settled, we (my girl and I ) preferred to stay there… locked in the trunk…until the last feature…them 70’s type American cars had quite roomy trunks back then, actually fit four of us teens. There were a few complaints from the backseat couple as their viewing was altered, so an adjustable air-bag suspension would have been an asset.

I think the drive in theatre is an American cultural classic and glad to see a few still around…A word of advice to the management of such classic theaters, on date night have mandatory trunk checks…I can assure them it does happen, and when others see the trunk being opened in the theatre and peoples being released, they do not care…actually the voyeurs get a kick out of it…”they beat the system”…
…Date or not, the most exciting part of such an adventure was when we were at the gate while being in the trunk…doing our hardest not to break out in laughter, and motionless. The attendants were on to such acts and as little as a squirrel fart would have resulted in a trunk search.