Friday, September 23, 2011

Craftacular Friday is just about ready for takeoff


I happened upon Juju Vail's "Quick Kids Quilts: Easy-to-do Projects for Newborns and Older Children" at the library and was immediately taken with a Rocket ship quilt project requiring a pair of old jeans, some flannel shirts and the ability to suspend disbelief just long enough to make me think "hey, I could probably do that."

I ended up having to visit Goodwill for a pair of jeans I wouldn't mind cannibalizing, and scaling back the pattern from the original patchwork denim background (which I attempted) finished with a flannel border (which I realized was probably about 6,000 finished quilts beyond my skill level).

Eventually, I decided on just the rocket applique (made from the last scraps of usable denim and some strips from some old plaid shirts) -- affixed to a micro-fleece panel sandwiched with a minky backing (Think taggie blankets). Now I'm feeling as if I'm onto something.

If I can manage a few stars, and maybe a planet in the night sky, it would be just the right amount of Out of this World.

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