Thursday, June 14, 2012

Splash knuckles and surprise parties

The Champ has started planning a "surprise" birthday party.

For himself.

Yes. He's turning five this month and he's planning a party that he hopes will set the world front yard on fire. It's going to be crazy: A water slide. Squirt guns. Splash toys. Girls. Cupcakes. Hot dogs. Girls ... (some boys I invited, *SURPRISE*) and ... more girls.

I'm assuming he expects there to be a literal fire, too, as he was emphatic that the first thing the royal we needed to make for this shindig was some kind of water-sploshing device he saw on a PBS kids' craft show "JUST IN CASE."

Thankfully, SPLONGE BALLS aren't that difficult to make:

Take regular kitchen sponges (the kind without the scrubby layer).


Cut them into strips (about six or so for each sponge).


Gather about six or nine strips together.


Slip an elastic band through a string (or loop it around another elastic band) and tie it tightly around the center of the sponge strips.


Wash, rinse, repeat ... and in no time you'll have a fistful of splash knuckles!

splonge knuckles

Now I'll just have to remind him: "Toss ... don't punch."

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