Friday, July 13, 2012


So ... I forgot to do the annual shout-out heralding the arrival of the grand-dog-in-law, which is a movable holiday during which Jed's dad comes up from Louisiana with his trusty apprentice, Lulu D.Q., to perform slave labor give generously of his time and expertise.  Last time we celebrated the rebuilding the side porch and the insulating of the foundation. This time we're expecting to be blinded by the beauty of the front porch. ...

But I digress ...


The formal announcement of their arrival has usually gone something like this.

If you want to say it to yourself to get the full effect, it's kind of like a long, drawn out Long-Guyland-ese: "Lulu is in da HOWWWWWWSE!!"

It probably slipped my mind this year because Lulu -- no doubt under the influence of our own party animal -- has often NOT been in the house.

Today, in fact, there were two instances of dogs gone on walkabout: This morning a slipped collar allowed Lulu to roam the back seven, and this afternoon an unlatched gate allowed both dogs to take a romp around the neighborhood.

Thankfully some neighbors recognized them and were able (miraculously) to coax them home with a bowlful of kibble.

So  ... the dogs ARE in the house. But they can't come out to play.

They are SO grounded.

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