Wednesday, July 04, 2012

One nation under ...


Parade Float Central

That was essentially our theme for this year's People's Parade.

The kids took up the cause of The Kinderhook Dog Park as a last-minute parade float, and, with their dad's help, constructed a moving dog crate featuring Roosevelt (designed by Annabel) bringing up the front and the rear ...

photo.JPG  photo.JPG

as well as "Conmoto Roto Simoto" -- the puppy Silas designed -- who absolutely, positively looks NOTHING like a turtle! (What are you crazy?).

People's parade float

Of course we managed to get all the way to the parade lineup without a single splash of color from a patriotic palate. The red, white and blue garland you see was provided by a very nice person behind us in line. Someone who may or may not have been tipped off about our ignorance (pronounced ignore-ance) of the significance of Independence Day.

You know, because last year we paraded around as if it were Chinese New Year and handed out dragon cookies.

This year we hauled around a cardboard kennel and handed out dog biscuits.

photo.JPG  People's (best friend) Parade, Kinderhook, NY

I'd say by next year we'll have this thing down.

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