Friday, July 06, 2012

Small wonders

First chess game I've ever won! Ever!

Picture the scene:

Pub, early dinner hour.

Kids, climbing the walls. Hungry. Tired. Antsy.

We ordered. Waited. The smalls talk us into playing a game of checkers.

Girls against the boys.

Boys win.

We eat. Chat. Then the smalls talk us into playing just one game of chess.

Boys against the girls.

After three moves, kids become disinterested.

Girl goes to ladies room.

Boy turns his attention to his fortune cookie dessert ...

asks for a quarter for the candy machine ...

then climbs the dad with his M & M gooey hands.

Dad makes a few errors.

Mom takes advantage.

And ends up winning.

For the first time. ...


I need to write that word again.

In capital letters --

EVER!!! --

Because it will never happen again.

Unless he lets me win.

And he's not the type to let anyone win.

Magic 8 Ball says "Ask again later."


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