Wednesday, November 07, 2012

44 for 4 more

Poor Silas. He'd hoped Mitt Romney would win. He was looking forward to a shorter school day. #myAlexKeaton

I *almost* feel bad for our Alex P. Keaton Silas.

His horse didn't win.

He had heard that Romney would cut education, and, under that impression, was excited for a Romney victory and a shorter school day.

We chatted though -- I told him about how people make all kinds of promises during elections they can't always keep. And sometimes they make promises that if they were to keep -- such as cutting spending on education and social programs -- might hurt the entire country in the years to come.

He's ok now.  And he saw enough of President Obama's acceptance speech to change his mind.

Although he's hoping he can have the dog Malia and Sasha won't be getting.

Poor deluded kid.

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