Friday, November 30, 2012

What I learned today ...


You learn all kinds of things when visiting a kindergarten class.

For instance:

When practicing writing the alphabet, did you know that the line to which the tail of a lowercase g descends is called "The Worm Line"?

I sure didn't.

Now, I might have guessed that a d's belly is exactly the same as a b's belly, only it's facing backward ... but I had to think about it some.

And I sort of had a clue that my bellybutton is NOT screwed in with hardware of any kind, yet I kept silent.

It's true. 

I could have guessed that most of the students milling about the room were older (stronger ... and smarter) than they were the last time I saw them ...

But it's reassuring to have a definitive declaration to that effect.

However, I was dumbfounded when I discovered these in a bin against the chalkboard:

I have no idea what they are teaching in kindergarten but I have to admit it I think it will be helpful when the zombie minions take over.

Honestly? I have no idea what they're for but I suspect that when the zombie minions break through the worm line and take over, these kids will be ready.

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