Thursday, November 29, 2012

You, too, can be the life of the parody

silas style

Oh ... I love JibJab. 

Watch them dance around.

Like fools.

Who wouldn't love that?

I bet even Kim Jong Un gets a chuckle from this Gangnum Style craze.

Mitt Romney's probably not terribly amused, but ... 

Oh ... Who cares? Certainly not any among the 47 percent.

But Ittybit and The Champ are eating up K-Pop star Psy's cowboy dance moves.

Which, I have to admit, are helping fuel Ittybit's desire for a Dance Party Birthday next month.

Thanks to Jib Jab, she too can join the Parody.

Although, I'm wondering how it will look when the kids are all dancing to a soundtrack of Selena Gomez and One Direction.

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