Saturday, December 10, 2005

Million dollar idea?

latest taste sensation
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Probably not. But Annabel loves to top her ice cream with peas. It's strange how food can be such an individual passion. There are folks out there who eat raw onions, mustard on mashed potatoes, mayonaise on toast and, my personal favorite, salad dressing on bread.

Annabel is also famous for liking HOT and SPICY foods, a preference I believe she must have aquired in utero, as I scarfed down Atomic Fire Balls like they were going out of style. (I felt bad about it, thinking it must be a form of child abuse.)

But as she creeps up on her second birthday, I am savoring her passion for good food. She calls out the color of peppers and the amounts of oranges, apples and stalks of broccoli in the produce isle as if she were begging for sweets. I know that someday she will turn her head and twist her mouth into an unmentionable shape with the mere mention of peas ... I plan to pull this picture out and show her what a weird kidlet she was.

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