Sunday, December 11, 2005

Things are looking up

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I look at this face and I can't help but smile. She is begging me to tickle her. It's a "come closer-stay away" moment. Laying on her back, wriggling her legs, she points to her stomach. When I start to tickle she giggles and shreiks "STOP." (Sounds like TOP). I back off and she wriggles again, lifting her shirt for better access. I resume tickling. "TOP, MAMA, TOP."

This goes on for another ten minutes, before she rolls over and slides away.

I follow her as she runs at toddler speed toward our bedroom and the farm toy we keep there. She looks back, making sure I'm behind her.

When I arrive at the door of my room, she is seated and looking into the barn for the BAA (sheep). It's gone missing so she settles for the toy with the closest call ... the BOK (chicken). As she put the wee beasts of burden in their designated places, she leaves the horse for last.

"MAY shew tup. May shew tup."

"Yes, yes. Maddy chewed the top."

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