Monday, December 26, 2005

A "new" dress for Christmas

ama linda's house
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She's not usually keen on wearing dresses, but as soon as we put this little number on her for Christmas she was all smiles. She kept squealing happily about her "new" dress. I didn't burst her bubble. It won't be long until she finds out her mama's favorite clothing store is Goodwill.
The truth is, however, that Christmas is not lost on our Annabel. She even saw "Santa Claus" at the airport on her way to "ama Linda's house." While we were waiting for our Duluth flight in Minneapolis, she kept pointing into the crowded waiting room saying BIG GUY.
There were LOTS of BIG guys, so we really didn't understand what she meant, and she was getting frustrated that we weren't understanding her. Then when the crowd parted and we saw the elderly man, dressed in a red shirt, suspenders and an elegant white beard and shoulder length white hair, we knew exactly who she was talking about ... as if to solidify the point, she pointed again and said "HO, HO, HO."

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