Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Twelve months with Annabel

a year in the life
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Well it's been another whirlwind year. Last Decemeber found us winging our way to Colorado to welcome Annabel's cousin Elliott into this fair world, just as her auntie and uncle welcomed her the year before. In January we got busy enjoying the northeast and its winter pleasures. Skiing, pub crawling (no pun intended) and other sweet delights added excitement to other indoor activities such as starting to feed herself. Of course February and March brought more complex skills to her attention, such as stacking toys and hide and seek. April was a tough month, as a viral infection sent her to the hospital for several frightful days, but by May she was back to her cute and healthy, playful self. In May she continued to frighten us with new ailments after another, but they mostly involved skin irritations and infections. In June we visited partys and became like social butterflies and by July she was old hat at eating with a spoon and saying two-word phrases. In August we spent two weeks in Maine and really explored the sea. She found out that blueberries are as tasty when they're wild as they are at the farmers' market. In September we traveled to Vermont to see Aunt Denise, and cousins Finn and Emmett, and we had a swinging good time. October brought the spookiest spookables, but we found the we LOVE Pooh, Roo and Heffalumps. In November we had an art show that miss boo found quite exciting. But it is the last snows of December that convinced her to put on her coat, without a peep, and go outside and look up before going to sleep.

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