Sunday, January 15, 2006

All the rage ...

the two of us
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Well this weekend was interesting. I came home with a new treat from the nuthouse - kefir, a cousin of yogurt with, count 'em, 10 active cultures. Who wouldn't love it? So what it's got a weird sounding name. It took some doing to get Annabel to try some, but by Sunday she was likeing the pinkish, pourable potable. We even poured it for our morning tea party.

On Saturday the revelers in us were out and about, lauging it up with some Omi staff members at a dinner at Ledig house. Annabel had a lovely time playing with May's toys and eating the yummy pork. She especially liked the ice cream with pears and pommegranates. Mmmmmm.

Although she was in a wonderful mood, and has been for several weeks, sleep deprivation from the late nights and early mornings took its toll on Sunday evening. She was NOT her usual self. Almost unconsolably crying and carrying on. She finally fell asleep. Two is a difficult age, she's so happy most of the time that these fretful occasions are especially tough on everyone.

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