Thursday, January 12, 2006


the tricycle
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Annabel has been ramping up her communications skills, and some of us have been struggling to keep up.
Recently, when handed the phone at the babysitter's house, Annabel took off with a torrent of words strung together in an overflowing river of thoughts.
As I struggled to make sense of this jumble I just started guessing at the words.
"Blow your nose?" I ventured.
"NO!," and she repeats the mystery word again.
"Is it something blue?" I reply.
"NO, NO, NO!"
There is laughter in the background, and Annabel gives up, says goodbye and is gone.
"You should have seen her," laughs Lori into the toddler abandoned receiver. She looked as if she'd thought you'd gone nuts. She had the phone in front of her face as if she were trying to get eyecontact with you, while she yelled "No Mommy, BOOK. BOOK."

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