Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ode to Avedon ...

stage left
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Well it's been that kind of weekend. One of my favorite groups on flickr ... pitched another one of its famed tribal photography weekend projects. We were supposed to choose a photographer (or several) and try to emulate their work. I contributed some archive works from two summers ago in tribute to Jock Sturgis and Julia Margaret Cameron, and also tried a few portraits with Annabel in the styles of Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon.
For those of you wondering, while she's not really posing, she did stand where I asked her to stand for brief moments in time. She also reminded me that I promised her a surprise if she would do it.
So she got a tablet of chocolate with our afternoon tea. She didn't even eat it.

ode to arbus ode to arbus ... II
... salvo to Arbus

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