Saturday, January 07, 2006

There's more to life than 'tookies'

Wants a tookie, peas.
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Playing on the porch next to this year's Charlie Brown Christmas tree, Annabel reached in and extracted an ornament she'd made this year with Lori. It was a heartshaped cookie sprinkled liberally with confetti. She knew better than to eat it, but she wanted to all the same.
"I wah tookie, peas."
So, having enough of the correct ingredients left over from the holidays to make one batch, we set out to do just that. She helped sift flour, measure powders, cream sugars and slice pineapple. The hard part was letting go of the bag of chocolate chips she kept pilfering.
Then into the oven they went, and when they came out she was tickled pink to have a tookie of her own.
She took two bites and the magic was gone.

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