Monday, June 05, 2006

I am still recovering from the weekend's excitement

hey, i wanna push the buttons

Our town has been atwitter about the Hannaford Supermarket opening on Route 9 since rumors of its impending pounding of the bucolic landscape started fluttering around these here parts a few years ago. There have been fights over traffic patterns, roundabouts and the furtherance of suburban sprawl. Endless letters to the editor and editorials pro and con. But to be quite honest, we were as ready for a good supermarket that was clean and offered a healthy selection of organic comestibles as an evangelical for the second coming. "If they are willing to bag groceries," I said, "we are willing to let sprawl be damned."

So, when it opened its doors officially Saturday morning, Jed was there (we needed milk) salivating to get a look around. He happily reported back that the evil, unnamed grocery-with-no-previous-competition's parking lot was empty. Better still, he gushed upon his return, despite the megalith's market being packed to the rafters with shoppers he still made it through the line in two minutes (yes, dear folks, he timed it).

So by Sunday he was ready for the BIG SHOP. And off we went as a family for a big adventure at the supermarket.

Stop me when this gets pathetic. ...

Too late, huh?


What's happening at the other mom's house: Road Trip

Lori: "If we go to E's house you have to leave when I tell you to, OK? If you say no, we won't be able to go back there."

Annabel: "OK."

Gets there and plays for a while. ...

Annabel: "I want to go home now."

Lori: "Are you sure?"

Annabel: "Yeah, I go home now."

on the walk home ...

Annabel: "Yaya ... I didn't say no."

Thinking about it for a while ...

Lori: "That's right, you didn't. You are so good. We can go back there whenever you want, you sweet and precious boo."

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Andrea said...

Maybe I'm pathetic for wanting to know more about your first trip to the megastore. So? Was it what you expected? Are people protesting it's presence still?

And the YaYa Report? That's adorable.