Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's been nice knowin' ya. We're going to Hell to spend our 'mondey'

We're RICH!!!! Thanks to Nordensved

Since Annabel started playing grocery store in our cupboards I've thought about getting realistic-looking play money, but I only found uninspiring (and quite honestly, anemic looking) counterfeit currency. In place of more flashy cash, we've been making our own bills out of junk mail.

But now that an "imaginary" friend from the Internets, also known as the Atomic mama Nicole Nordensved, sent us a boatload of 10,000 dollarsies we're planning on retiring to New Zealand and forgetting we ever knew you little people. Junk mail be damned. This illegal tender is so cool it's hot. Like from hell hot.

In fact, Annabel was so thrilled to receive the package that she spent more than an hour rolling her sweaty self in the ill-gotten gains. She kept saying "more bills, more bills, more bills!" At least now she can pay them!

The wonderful card that came with the play dough indicated Atomic had wrestled a choice between "Heaven Bank Notes," and "Hell Bank Notes" and had intended to get the ones from above but grabed the cash from down under. ... ah well. Hell money, in my opinion, is WAY more useful for our purposes. ... Mwa- a- a- a- ah.

The best part, of course, is that when Ittybit's done playing with this stuff in a few years it can be recycled. Only, instead of the junk mail recycling procedure we've been use to, I'm planning papering the bathroom walls with it. You know, it's just that cool.

Thanks Nicole.

For those of you folks interested in the "real" history of this Chinese "spirit money," check out this, this, and this.


Nicole said...

I'm sure the folks in chinatown just LOVE it when a wide eye such as myself blows through and buys up the hell money. Eep. But how am I supposed to pass it up? It's the greatest.

Nicole said...

Also! OhmyGAD. I've never heard of a "Hell Bank Note Credit Card" but now that Wikipedia has informed me of their existence, I am SO on the look-out. Then all I need is a new wallet and Matilda can have a loaded wallet to play with instead of playing with my real wallet and shoving the real cards under the living room rug.

toyfoto said...

I can't find my calling card that a zillion minutes on it, thanks to "Abba."
I usually give her spent gift cards to vanish.

wordgirl said...

How cool are these blogger friends who send little care packages (of money!!) when you least expect it.

toyfoto said...

I tell you, I LOVE my "imaginary" friends.

Y said...

Hey! I know you! From Flickr! You have a blog! Awesome.

toyfoto said...

Hey. You're Mamarosa!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

I told my hubby years ago that we should sell "Ghost money credit cards" He said, "No one would buy them." Now it's on wikipedia (although I can't find an online pic of them anywhere). I could'a made a million real dollars! Wahhhh

If you want, I can send you some Taiwanese play money.

toyfoto said...

That would be so cool.