Friday, August 11, 2006

Hold on to your boogie boards ...

yellow sea
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My husband's birthday is right around the corner, and as is our custom we will be spending our week's vacation 'round about that time with Jed's mother in Maine (provided that my dad is A-OK and he is). Which means if all goes well (and it did), we are leaving tonight after work.

As my gift to him I am not taking my computer.

My love for Jed is SO great, that I plan on leaving you for a week.

Therefore, I'd like you to have my best photograph from last summer's trip to admire while I'm away. Hopefully I'll have captured another magic moment to upload upon my return. Although I love my husband (and his family) enough to unplug, I don't love any of them enough to abandon the camera.

* Just one last little thing before I go: Annabel put on her shorts yesterday ALL BY HERSELF. And not on her head, either. By the time we return I fear she will be ready for university.


Trish said...

I'm sad, but understand. The coast of Maine is exquisitely beautiful, although you didn't mention that's where you would be. It's what I always associate with Maine.
Hope you have a great time.

Be Still said...

Birthday wishes to Jed... have a great vacation!

wordgirl said...

Happy Birthday to Jed. Have a wonderfully restful time away. You're a brave girl. I don't think I could live without the laptop.

Melissa said...

Just when I was growing accustomed to reading your blog on a daily basis, you up and leave! But seeing as how your husband's birthday and your time together as a family is infinitely more important than anything else, all is forgiven.

I am truly happy I stumbled upon your blog, and I just love seeing your work and reading about your daughter's accomplishments.

Have a wonderful trip!

Andrea said...

You abandoning the camera would be a disservice to ANY vacation you would ever take. That is one awesome pic. I love the colors.

Happy B-Day to Jed, and have a great time! Maine is always one of the places I want to see someday.

ECR said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing vacation with you fast growing girl. I will be looking forward to seeing the memories you record.

Mom101 said...


We'll be in Maine in just a few weeks. Take good notes for me and enjoy