Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meet Fudgy

She promised to take care of him and love him for always. Then she named him Fudgy.

How could I not buy the little critter; the first toy she's assigned a name?

Of course, when we got to the car she tossed him on the floor. ... "Uh-oh. I'm sorry, Fudgy. I din't mean it."


Mom101 said...

I love Fudgy!

Thalia's first named toy was Guy ( pronounced Gee, the french way), the Lamaze Giraffe. Well, really all she said back in those days was "gee. gee." so we pretty much applied it to the doll and that was that.

Andrea said...

That's funny. Gabe calls his stuffed bear (a Shirt-Tale handed down from his father's prized possessions) and his stuffed bunny (present from Grandpa) "The Kitties".

kimmyk said...

Aww how cute.

Now Fudgy will go everywhere with ya--responsibility. Bless her heart.

Forty_Two said...

Is this one of George Bush's advisers?