Saturday, August 05, 2006

Always on the lookout

Farmers' market Saturday. We get all gussied up in the T-shirts we slept in (turned inside-out of course), 2 inches of sunscreen and our most comfy comfortable shoes, before we make our way to the village square. It's like Christmas (or as Annabel would say, Trissmass). We have some idea what will be under the vendors' tents, but there's always some surprises.

Along with the usual mixed greens, carrots, berries, corn and potatoes (I didn't mention tomatoes because we're growing them this year, miracle of miracles, I know) there's always something outside the usual checklist that catches my eye.

Beets: Can't say that I'm much of a beet fan, but I recently attended a backyard cookout in which the host had ground up beets and added them to the hamburger meat. Let me tell you, there's something amazing about a purple burger. *Annabel didn't think so, however. She demanded "torn on the tob" instead.

Edamame: A furry, fresh soybean you cook in the shell. Salted they taste A-mazing. *Annabel hates them. Evidently she's still not over the time I pureed the little buggers, froze them in ice cube trays and switched the peas she was used to eating with the more phosphorescent soy. She probably thought I had mulched Kermit.

Turnips: Tried 'em raw. Not my favorite. Cooked, they seem edible. "Annabel hates them. Tried 'em, screwed up her face, spit them out.

Baby bok choy: "What am I supposed to do with that?"
"I don't know, Jed. Perhaps you should consult your bible, The Joy of Cooking. Why do you let me get vegetables, anyway? You KNOW I'm a carnivore. I don't know anything about the veg." *Rotted in the fridge.


kimmyk said...

All that turnip, beet, bok choy? Never eaten it. I'm a lima bean, green bean, carrot sort of girl. Torn on the tob is pretty tood too. I mean good.

I useta love to go to the farmers market here. But they've stopped for one reason or another. When I go home to my parents [they live in the coun-try] I hit this one stand...oh they have the best peaches and plums. Love it.

kittenpie said...

Oh my goodness, that is a cute kid you have there.
We have gotten in such a veggie rut with the peas/corn/carrot and more variety in the fruit instead. Must bust out if I only had time and brain cells to spare!

Andrea said...

We're so in a veggie rut also. The hubs only likes corn, green beans, carrots, and squash. I can't get him to try anything else. But I'll be going to the store for some Edamame for myself. I love that stuff!