Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A day with dad ...

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With Yaya on vacation this week and next, I imagine Annabel will be popping in at some unexpected places. She'll be visiting Amah and Papa for the most part, but today she's at home with Daddy.

By noon he'd already called twice.

"When does she take a nap usually?
For how long?
What should we do for an adventure?
Nevermind, I'll think of something."

I can tell already. This will be fun.

It was too hot to do much of anything but eat posipples, draw on the walls (on paper of course) and watch MOOOvies.
It was a blissfully unproductive day.


The Imperfect Christian said...

I learned very quickly that Daddies do things differently, but they tend to get the same stuff done! I'm sure Annabel will have a blast with her daddy! (I just hope he gives YOU a rest from the phone calls!)

wordgirl said...

I had to learn pajama mama's lesson, too, and it was an important one to learn. Little girls need a dad who is interested in them.

Her Bad Mother said...

It sounds beyond lovely and that picture? Also beyond lovely. Really.