Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early warning system ...

This just in on the DADDY REPORT:

ANNABEL: Daddy, how is Santa doing to det down the shimney.

JED: Uh ... What? Santa?**

ANNABEL: Yeah. ... How's he doing to det down the shimney? What if there's a fire?

JED: I told her he only uses chimneys for people who don't have doors.

ME (to Jed): Why didn't you just tell her 'magic?'

JED (to me): She's too smart for that, she'd never believe it.

ME (to Jed): But she'd believe people live in houses with no doors. Nice.

**So is it natural for two-year-olds (almost three) to wonder about the feasibility of a giant elf breaking into our home to leave presents?


Andrea said...

I have no idea. She's one sharp cookie, your daughter. You could let her watch that movie with Tim Allen, The Santa Clause, which sorta uses magic to make the chimneys bigger and also uses ductwork pipes to turn houses without fireplaces into houses with fireplaces. But it will still contradict what Jed already said.

I need to start brushing up on my witty responses to that stuff. Sounds like it's not far off.

kimmyk said...

She knows it's getting closer.

You need to start thinking ahead like Andrea because she's gonna be full of questions especially if she's in school now.

Oh and start thinkin' on that whole Easter Bunny dilemma too. It's not far behind.