Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lost in translation

I can probably expect more bedtime banter like this for a few more days:

Mama? Where's Kermit?

Don't you remember, we're sending him, Zoe and Buffy Bunny to Iraq so they can make some children happy.


Because you have so much and there are some boys and girls there who have nothing.


Because there's something called a war, and it's very bad, and some of the children are alone and scared. Your toys might help cheer and comfort them.

Oh. ...

Are they standing up or sitting down?

?? Um ... standing up?

We dotta put that in a cage!

Uh ... what?

We have to get that raccoon out of there so the kids can play with Kermit. We need a cage to put him in.

Honey. ... What raccoon?

You said we're sending Kermit to a raccoon for the childrens because they're lost and lonely.

I said E-Rack, not A RACCOON. We're sending toys to Iraq. It's a country in the middle ... Oh nevermind. We'll talk about this when you're three, OK.

NOTE TO SELF: Invest in a world map.


kimmyk said...

and a cage.

Andrea said...

That's a very sweet thing to do, sending toys to Iraqi children. Beats yard salein' them.

wordgirl said...

That conversation? It's one for the memory book...or--like kimmyk says--in a cage. Either one works.

Kcoz said...

After reading this I just have to comment. Basically I’m a political blog and web-site junkie and I found your blog from a link at firestarter5’s blog… That guy has a great sense of humor. I may have visited this site three or four times in as many months mostly because I find your Photography extraordinary and a great visual effect to your stories.

Yesterday after visiting some of my usual political haunts I once again came across that famous picture of an Iraqi toddler in her fathers arms with total horror on her tiny face as the bombs explode in the background. I than found my way back here and spent hours and hours catching up with some of your past post and visiting your picture site. In the back of my mind while viewing I wondered just how different ittybit’s life would be if she was born on the other side of the world.

I could not say which is my favorite post, but the one where ittybit ends up with no Easter Eggs and the little girl shares hers with ittybit is truly warming. Maybe you could relate that real live event to her in explaining about the toy’s she is sharing with the Iraqi children.

You have a wonderful way of interpreting toddler chat, please do more… it gives your ittybit a personality to go along with the pictures… BTW, she’s adorable.

Whirlwind said...

Meenie has missused the word Raccoon recently also. For her, she was wondering if the butterfky has come out of its raccoon yet...

What a big girl to send her stuffed animals to Iraq!