Wednesday, October 25, 2006

VA VA VA VA , I'm not listening ...

Ittybit: Where was you, mama?

Mama: It's where WERE you, honey?

Ittybit: I was home! Where was you?

Mama: I went out to meet some friends.

Ittybit: Why?

Mama: Because I wanted to knit with them.

Ittybit: But where was you last night?

Mama: With my friends. ... In Voorheesville. Knitting.

Ittybit: My Lori?

Mama: Not Lori, honey. Voorheesville. It's a place.

Ittybit: Yes, Lorisville! That's my favorite place.


Ittybit: No. You said Lorisville. I know that. LORI'S-VILLE, LORI'S-VILLE,


kimmyk said...

I think she thinks you said Lori'sville.

She could be right. Sounds an awful lot like Lorisville.

I want my own 'ville' someday.

Andrea said...

Gabe asks me questions all the time, "Where's my daddy at?" (not to be confused with WHO'S my daddy?), "Are we home?" and "We going bye-bye, Mama?" Many times, the answers turn into conversations. "Daddy's bowling. He'll be home tomorrow." Gabe'll try to get me to take him to see his daddy, but often it's just not feasible (nor do I want to regularly tread on the Guy Thing) so I have to tell him no. He doens't hear me much anymore either.

What's really funny is that he answers questions to him about something he wants or does with "Yes, I am!" I'll say, "Daddy will take you to Nana's [babysitter's] tomorrow instead of Mama, so you get some time in the morning. It'll be fun, won't it?" "Yes, I am, Mama!"

stefanierj said...

God, she's cute. I mean, really, really, cute. Put-that-away-before-somebody-gets- hurt cute.

My son answers almost every question with "yeah," so I love asking him "choice" questions like "Should mommy eat cake or ice cream?" and "Should daddy clean the kitchen or scoop the litter boxes?"

Anonymous said...

...and another fine conversation is won by the little people....

Gail said...

Voorheesville is a mouthful, isn't it!

Christine said...

Oh! Knitting with friends - does that mean the knitting is going well? I hope so!

toyfoto said...

I suppose it's how you define knitting. I only know how to knit scarves. So I started and got half a scarve finished in three hours. ... next time we planning on making knit bags. Since I've never knit in the round or on double-pointed needles. ... I predict it will not go well. But that's OK, too.