Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh what a tangled web we weave ...

"Mama, where's my moniker?"

"Well we sometimes call you ittybit ..."

"NO. my MON-I-KER!!! My MON-I-KER!"

"Oh, I think the dog took it."


"Probably because she doesn't have any appreciation for the blues. ... I'm kidding. ... It's probably under the sofa cushion?"


"Because your dad doesn't have any appreciation for the blues."

"How did you know it was dare, do?

"I knew where it was because I'm psychic?"

** I imagine in a few years from now she's catch on to me, and when she does her response would go something like this:
"No, Mama. I think maybe it is YOU who doesn't appreciate the blues."


stefanierj said...

How you get anything done with such a charming face to gaze at all the time is nothing short of miraculous.

stefanierj said...

And what the heck kind of camera do you have? I WANT ONE.

toyfoto said...

Thanks. And the camera is a Nikon D70, but I'm hoping to upgrade it to the D80 sooner rather than later. (Not a huge fan of flash or excessive noise, but I'm a low-light shooter).

I also shoot film from time to time. Mainly with a Nikon F100 (35mm), Yashicamat LM (twin lens reflex) or Holga (plastic camera).

toyfoto said...

Oh yeah ... and the getting stuff done? I don't get anything done, really. It's all just a huge work in progress. Except the dishes. I have a dishwasher. They get done.

Andrea said...

Sometimes, we just know. I can find a sippy cup of milk long before my husband can. I just have a sense of where Gabe might've dropped it. It's weird. And yet, we've never discovered that accidentally forgotten and now funkdified sippy cup of milk behind a couch or under a bed.

Kcoz said...

I’m formally from Chicago...And I love the blues, but I already know what Ittybits sound is... suck in blow out, suck in blow out... THAN blow out utilizing the full range of octaves as the MON-I-KER is rhythmically slid from left to right across her lips... hummm, could be the blues... but that depends on her mood.

How about we hear her say "You miserable coward." First... from that program she watches.