Friday, November 10, 2006

We need investigations, and lots of them

Please indulge a little more political commentary, because I think it's important for those of us anti-Iraq-War types who hope the House and Senate wins will change the tretcherous course we, as a nation, have undertaken during the last five years.

Most of what I've witnessed since late Tuesday has been celebratory chest beating about a comeupance that's time had come.

But the sobering news is that while the blow to the Grand Old Party seems like a tidal wave of good fortune, that really isn't the case. The sound is really hollow.

Democrats have an amazing chance to really fuck things up before 2008.

As one of my favorite columnists points out this morning, George W. Bush -- with all his veto powers in tact and a new head on the Defense Secretary body -- still has all the cronies and stalwart friends at his beck and call. Only now they'll be getting paid private salary figures and working out of posh K Street offices to do virtually the same jobs.

Perhaps letting bygones be gone isn't the best thing we could do to pull our country up by its bootstraps. We need to understand that getting the whole truth is what patriotism should be all about.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Dems are aware that the whole world is watching now, not just the citizens of the United States (who are anything but united after 6 years of seperation)

stefanierj said...

Yeah, I got a little scared too when I heard my republican friends (yes, I know) say it wasn't such a bad thing and the Gee Oh Pee got what it deserved, etc. etc. And then I heard a report on the Iraq Sutdy Group (on whom we're all depending to save everything) and that was quite sobering.

Let's hope Nancy Pelosi's "Mother of 5" voice is one of reason and responsibility.